Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why not English M.O.I.?

10 points for the new CM in favour of English medium (747 words)
…By Kalidas Laxman

Why not English MOI???

1.    The politicians, real and pseudo, hunting desperately for issues have politicalized the MOI issue and made it emotional. My articles in Herald on Konkani (December 14th, 2010 and January 26, 2011) have unfortunately given them something to do in their lack-a-luster life. Parents, the factual stakeholders aspiring for their children a bright and promising future want English medium of instruction 
2.    Goa, as is in the education field, cannot fulfill the multidimensional and multifarious aspirations of all its community groups (related to cast, religion and trans-India) where in the population of 1.3million, >600,000 are non-Goans. At the most it can only make 1.3 million copies of what we have in Goa, people with pond mentality. Kindly note these 600,000 are going to have their own demands in the next elections
3.    The people at the level of handicaps would be (in decreasing order, a to c)
a.    Backward tribes and SC/ST from all religions
b.    Low income groups, Konkani/Marathi M.O.I. students, people with no trans-Goa cultural background i.e. those who do not have connect with other states and cities in India, for ex. Mumbai, Bangalore
c.    People who do not have guidance from educated teachers/schools or family members higher up in the societal ladder
Ironically, both Tomazinho Cardozo and Shashikala Kakodkar call themselves champions of the lower strata of the society but above three points indicate it is these very three sections of Bahujan Samaj among Hindus and Catholics, which are at losers end if English (MOI) schools do not get grant
4.    The knowledge/intellectual pool of Goa remains largely unchanged without new ideas and innovations making entry in the Goan psyche. Example is Konkani literature, which is bereft of out of the box thinking still revolving mainly around romance, caste politics and job/work culture. It does not try to unshackle the family straitjacket and moral, sexual and social rigidity with innovative solutions. There are very few thought provoking literature forms such as essays, research and reports in Nagari Konkani, though they have existed in Romi Konkani for over 200 years, but Romi Konkani is not accepted by Hindus!
5.    Government having developmental vision of at least 50 to 100 years down the line truly leads the state. This has unfortunately not happened in Goa when the MGP and later Congress led Goans for 50 years. As a simple example, the 18th June road, the main arterial road of the capital where Junta House was constructed in early seventies was without any space left for road widening, the history is repeating itself everywhere in Goa, or, look at Mapusa where the growth has been only cancerous. Its roads are exactly as the Portuguese left it except for the new Khorlim bypass from Ximer to Asagaon (remarkably, during the tenure of Mr. Parrikar the last time around) and for Ganesh Puri and St Xavier’s college. All along, the self-centric politicians have been the sole leaders in Goa with the mindset of shepherds guided by the caste cattle. Freedom of MOI is like opening up of an institution without discrimination since all classes of the society get equal chances. Why a Gowda, a scheduled caste person or a Kunbi with low income should not study in English? Can Bharatiya Bhasha Sanrakshan Manch (BBSM) give a valid answer to this?
6.    MOI disturbance serves as an activity for jobless politicians and social activists in Goa. What is the visionary and intellectual contribution of leaders of the BBSM in Goa, since 1961?
7.    It is an unrealistic fear of art and culture sections such as stage and literature that they would not be appreciated if MOI in English is implemented. This class forgets that even in Portuguese times with curtailment of Konkani and all things local, the language, folk songs and art survived. Unfortunately, stark facts say even languages such as Hindi and Bangla have their limitations i.e. to keep up to the pace of development. The only possible progress would be in the direction of indigenous prospects, not international.
8.    Giving grants to English medium schools is not stopping grants to local languages. Education in English has nothing to do with art, culture and literature in local language. Language leaves as long as the people love it
9.    If only rich and privileged people have access to English, we are creating a new much domineering caste based on haves and have-nots of opportunities. Even the people from the uppermost caste, the Brahmins would serve under this modern elite caste
10. It is wrong, negative and fascist way to say ‘DO NOT’ give grants to English medium schools

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