Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anna Hazare, secondfreedom and ground truths

It is intrinsically wrong to compare Mahtma Gandhi's fast with that of Anna Hazare. Gandhi was fighting against British colonial rule and he had no other way to fight since India did not have its own constitution then whereas Anna has all these facilities. The real reason for corruption in India is the implementation of law is (1) almost absent, (2) judiciary too slow and (3) interference by politicians of all hues and colours at all times. The last one takes place even at the level of traffic police and MV rules 1988.

Next, how long will it take to complete the cases of Raja, Kalmadi, Yediurappa, Kanimozi, Gujarat riots and a host of such high level problems and, how long will it take the concerned guilty to get and finish their sentences. In Karnataka, the Lokayukt told in a TV interview that he would have submitted the report two months earlier but LK Advani advised him to go slow for some time. The same thing would happen in case of Jan Lokpal as well. This is exactly my point against Jan Lokpal. One recent case is of Matanhy Saldana, an MLA in the last Goa Assembly whose disqualification case has been decided and quashed after the term of tha Assembly has been over and new assembly election has been held, another Govt been elected and functioning. However has Matanhy himself been judged in the spirit of justice? Has he lost favour with his voters for not being handed over the decision in time to fight the elections? In which way Jan Lokapal can increase speed in Judiciary which cannot be done now?

Besides Anna is creating one more source of interference with appointment of Jan Lokpal. However, with investigating agencies and judiciary spruced up by punishing the interfering person and who obliges him,things may sort out though I think more steps would have to be taken.

Taking environment as a cue, in 1998, there were about 60+ laws, rules and notifications in India to control environment damage, but we see everywhere rules being bbroken and still more rules framed, but our investigative,implementation and punitive agencies are lethargic to say the least, if they are active at all. Just how many more rules can improve the environment? This is not my opinion alone. I had a chance to talk with International Maritime Organisation deputy chairman who said in cross country meetings it is Indian representatives who want more and more rules to guard environment, however most other nations felt present laws are fine if you implement them. I agreee with this because you have to just know how many CRZ Environmental cases are languishing in HCs and the SC of India. They are in hundreds if not thousands for some states.

Last point on this, Reddy brothers were created by Congress and fostered by BJP. They will survive...Govts. may not!

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