Friday, February 11, 2011

Kaliyug ki kahania

Nipping terrorism in the bud(submitted to 'Paths of Wisdom' in Harald)

By...Kalidas Sawkar

Child woke up a little late in the day and feeling hungry started walking towards the kitchen. It was a big family and all the people were busy with their day’s chores. Hearing the cries, family members were telling one another to look after the child. The passing buck did not stop. Getting hunger pains the child started crying and then screaming. A woman came to help and said soothing words to child but they were not sufficient to douse the fire of hunger. Child was given a ball to play. He took it up and threw away. The ball hit a window pane followed by the noise of cracking glass. People scurried and brought food for the child.
The next day the story repeated itself. But now, the child had learnt its lesson with previous experience. Today, no ball was required, the little human understood important thing was to break glass. Seeing no food forthcoming, it looked around and found a small steel cup close by. Inspired by previous lesson, it bent forward and lifted up the metal cup and went to hurl it at the window.
Suddenly he felt lifted up and clasped in a warm embrace, with soothing words springing from his grandmothers lips. In between hugs and kisses she started scolding those around to get him food. Feeding the child grandmother told it how Lord Krishna was as prankster and how he became so good that when he grew up people called him a God.
This boy, too, grew up and became a good man, at the least, remembering and appreciating his grandmother lovingly feeding him.

Kaliyug ki kahania

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